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Making your laundry smell fresh in 4 easy steps

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Smelling fresh definitely impacts your mood in a positive way, so why wouldn’t you look for more ways to keep this up?


Spritzing perfume on your clothes can often cause ugly stains. If you spray too much, it can also be overpowering to the next person. Instead, spray your perfume on tissue or cotton wool – wait for it to dry. Once it has dried, stack them neatly at the bottom of the drawer and place your clothes directly on top. Soon they’ll be smelling good in no time – you won’t even need a spritz before you go anymore.

Coffee grounds

Have you ever thought of adding coffee grounds to your cupboard? If not, wait until you hear what it can do. Coffee grounds absorb bad odours and let’s be honest, they don’t smell too bad either. If you want to get rid of any mouldy or stuffy smells in your cupboard, place some coffee grounds in a container, poke holes into the lid and store in your cupboard. Replace them with fresh ones at least once a month.

Fabric softener

Use a nice smelling fabric softener. After using Sunlight washing powder to get your clothes clean and smelling fresh, rinse the clothes with a good quality fabric conditioner so that it continues to smell wonderful even after you’ve dried it in the sun and worn it to work. The Sunlight Lavender Smiles Fabric Conditioner will leave your clothes feeling soft and its lavender scent helps to calm the senses.

Remove from the washing machine

Do not leave a clean load of clothes in the washing machine after it has been washed – this can cause mildew to form on the clothes which can cause a musty odour. As soon as the cycle has stopped washing, remove it from the machine immediately and hang it up in the sun. If, by any chance you’ve forgotten about the clothes and they’ve already developed an unpleasant odour, rinse them again with fabric conditioner or a cup of white vinegar in the detergent dispenser to remove the bad smell.

Keep your clothes smelling fresh with these easy tips. And remember, the fresher your clothes smell, the better you will feel during the day.