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Sunlight has been an icon in the South African market for over 100 years and its promise of pure mildness you can trust still stands. Learn more about us.

About Sunlight


The Sunlight brand has grown its offering from the simple soap bar to meet the needs of South Africans, with a mild range of gentle and caring yet hard-working products. The range now includes Automatic and Hand washing powders, Dishwashing liquid, Auto-dishwashing products, a Fabric conditioner, as well as bath soap. After 120 years, the Sunlight name thrives as one of South Africa’s most trusted household brands, instantly recognized, instantly trusted, a worthy tribute to William Hesketh Lever’s vision.

Did you know?

  • A study done by Research International on Masterbrands in South Africa in 1999 found Sunlight to have the highest spontaneous awareness across fast-moving consumer goods brands, making it a true South African icon!

  • The famous green Sunlight Soap bar was launched in South Africa in 1891.

  • Since 1957, Sunlight Dishwash has promised consumers, a little goes a long way

  • Almost 4 000 tons of Sunlight Soapwere sold in the company’s first year of trading

  • Sunlight is the 2nd biggest FMCG brand in Africa

Sunlight Laundry Bar

In June 2011, Sunlight launched a new variant, Sunlight Germiguard. SUNLIGHT Germiguard is the same mild and gentle, hard laundry bar consumers have always trusted – the difference is it contains added germ protection which removes up to 99% of germs and odours*! Consumers are becoming more aware of germ protection, but the price of hygiene products is sometimes too high for many low-income earners. That’s where the new SUNLIGHT Germiguard comes in – it’s a multi-purpose bar that removes up to 99% of germs and odours* AND it’s at an affordable price!

In March 2012, Sunlight introduced a fresh, new laundry bar, Sunlight Tropical! Now consumers can have the same mild and gentle cleanse they expect from Sunlight, but with the added benefit of a Tropical fragrance.

Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid

You can finally enjoy clean dishes without worrying about harmful germs! With the combined power of 100 lemons, Sunlight's Dishwashing Products make washing up faster and easier.

Sunlight Dish Washing Liquid: In April 2012, Sunlight Dish Washing Liquid launched the 750ml Pouch, a great value Refill pack.

Sunlight Washing Powder

With our revolutionary formulas, you can be sure that your clothes will always smell fresh and clean. Our auto laundry washing powders are made with only the best ingredients for an effective wash!

You can rest assured that your clothes are being cleaned thoroughly and they'll smell great thanks to our Handwashing Powder range.

Sunlight Washing Powder: In April 2015, Sunlight was re-launched with updated, fresh new packaging!

Sunlight has been working hard to give you more value. The brand remains an icon in the South African market.

If you want to learn more about Sunlight, visit our website where we have more information about our products. You can also find us on social media where we update our followers with new product releases and much more.