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Mother and child doing the dishes together

Health Benefits Of Doing the Dishes

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Loathe the chore? Find out why washing dishes is actually good for you.

Reduces Allergies

Ever heard of the hygiene hypothesis? It’s a theory that believes that the reason children develop so many allergies nowadays is because their environments are just too sanitary. Without sufficient exposure to bacteria in early life, children’s immune systems don’t become as hardy as they could be. A recent study suggests that households that hand-wash their dishes suffer from less allergies and eczema than those with a dishwasher. So, get the kids involved and know you’ll be making them a bit stronger and healthier than they were before.

Family Bonding Time

Instead of considering the dishes as a household-related chore or grudge, why not turn it into a family “sport” and use the dishwashing time to connect, chat and be together? It’s an easy task for even the most difficult dad and is a great way to lead by example for your children.

Teach Your Kids Valuable Life Skills

Washing the dishes is an unavoidable part of adult life. By instilling the habit in your kids early, you will be equipping them with a good habit that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Think of all the best houseguests you’ve ever had. We bet you loved having them over because they washed the dishes at some point during their stay. Washing the dishes is one way to contribute to the happy and healthy functioning of a household and if it becomes everyone’s job, the load is so much lighter.

As always, washing dishes is a breeze with Sunlight Dishwashing detergent because each bottle contains the grease-stripping power of 100 lemons. So what are you waiting for, grab the gloves and get scrubbing, you know you’ll be better off for it.