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Different ways to use washing powder around your home

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Washing powder has so many uses.

Clean oil spills

If a car has been leaking oil, then you know all about it! Getting solvents to clean those spills can be costly. But, why worry? You have your washing powder handy, right? Simply sprinkle some powder to the oil spill and pour and rub in a little water. Leave this overnight and wash off. It will be as good as new.

Unblock your drain

A blocked drain is an unenviable sight. And it can happen, especially if you have little ones who love exploring and throw just about anything down the drain. Most drain cleaners are so potent that you shouldn’t use it without wearing a mask and gloves. If you want something safer, while still doing an effective job, pour ¼ cup of liquid detergent down the blocked drain. Leave for about 5-10 minutes before following up with boiling water. The detergent helps loosen the deposits while the boiling water “blasts it away.”

No more soap scum

No matter how regularly you clean, soap scum in your sink, shower or around the bathtub is quite common. As much as it can be difficult to clean, especially when it gets hard, we’ve got the remedy to make cleaning less of a chore. Create a paste with washing powder and water, apply it to the soap scum firmly with your fingers. Now rub it in, and allow the magic to work. After 20 minutes or so, rinse the area with hot water. You should have a clean and sparkling clean surface.

Clean kids’ toys

Kids toys – you don’t always know where they’ve been. They could have been in a pet’s mouth, in a mud bath or a dirty drain. Therefore, kids’ toys should be cleaned regularly and with safe detergents. Simply fill a bucket with warm water and add a cap of laundry detergent before soaking the toys for about 30 minutes. Rinse the toys with clean water and dry. Now you no longer have to worry!

Washing powder can be used for your clothes to, in fact, a variety of surfaces in your home. By using the washing powder as a multipurpose cleaner, you can save big bucks on your shopping bill. Fo’ sho!