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Common laundry mistakes you could be making

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Here are a few common laundry mistakes that are pretty easy to make:

More detergent doesn’t help

Don’t think that the more detergent you add to a washing cycle, the cleaner your clothes may be. If you add too much of it, irritants can be left on your clothes which could lead to rashes or pimples if you have sensitive skin. Make sure you use a good quality detergent like Sunlight Washing Powder to get rid of stains fast! 

Unbutton shirts

If you hand wash shirts, this may not apply to you but if you add them to a washing cycle, make sure you button all shirts before washing. If this isn’t done, the threads may come loose on the buttonholes, which is a rather untidy look.

Clothing labels matter

They’re there for a reason – you may not damage your clothes immediately but if you consistently tumble dry an item when the label says you shouldn’t, you will surely damage it. Do not wash suede, silk, leather or anything decorated with sequins in the washing machine as this will ruin the clothes for sure.

‘Unpaired’ socks

Okay, so you have 1 red sock, but you can’t find its partner. How often does this happen? Washing socks separately can make it difficult for you to find them afterwards. If you can afford to, purchase a laundry bag and place all your socks in it before putting it in a washing machine. You’ll thank us later.

It’s time to kiss these mistakes goodbye. If you’re guilty of making any of these common mistakes, pay more attention to them the next time you do your washing.