What your fabric conditioner says about you

What your fabric fragrance says about you

Choosing the perfect perfume is an art that has been practised across the world for hundreds of years. We’ve spent hours spritzing and sniffing just to find a scent that suits us. And it’s an undeniably important, which is why we’ve invested countless hours into carefully selecting the fragrance notes that go into Sunlight Fabric Softeners. Have a read through our quick guide to find a scent that suits your personality for the next time you can’t decide which Sunlight Fabric Softener smells best.


A crisp and confident scent, citrus is ideal for fun-loving, cheeky personalities with a wicked sense of humour. And a great unisex option, unlike our floral fragrances, which some might find too feminine.


Pretty, fresh and feminine, floral scents usually attract down to earth people who are easy to get along with. In terms of fashion, they are always casual, light and breezy. Even a little bit romantic.


Fragrance lovers who favour musk are said to be warm and sensual. This sultry scent leaves a lasting impression, just like the person who wears it.


Earthy notes appeal most to those who enjoy minimalism. Sleep lines and monochrome palettes appeal to these fragrance lovers, who are articulate and intriguing.


People who favour fruity fragrances are often bubbly and bright. Definitely not the wallflowers in their circle of friends, fruity people often have a colourful wardrobe that matches their personality.

Now that you know a little more about your fragrance personality, the next step is to find out which Sunlight Fabric Conditioner matches you. Will it be Summer Dew, Lavender Smiles or Gentle? Find out here and share your scent with your friends.