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Washing your child’s new clothes is important.

Children love new things. They enjoy shopping for something new and for most parents, the exercise of purchasing for a child is just as enjoyable. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic affecting nations globally, it has become critical to take extra precautions with purchased items such as clothing.

Sunlight understands the saying, ‘wash, dry, fold and repeat’. For many families, washing laundry is part of daily life and new clothes are no exception. Washing your child’s new clothes will ensure that the chances of spreading a potentially deadly virus or other illness-causing bacteria are kept at bay and minimised. How so? Well, let’s examine the facts.

Leave Bought Clothes In The Plastic Bag Before Washing

The basic precautions to keep harmful virus and bacteria at bay as per the Centre For Disease Control, is to ensure that the newly purchased clothing items do not touch any surfaces of the home before you wash them. Make sure that the items are left in the plastic bags and only remove them when you are ready to wash them. Not doing so may result in the surfaces of the home becoming contaminated, maximising the potential of the spread of harmful bacteria and virus causing germs.

Wash Clothes On Warmest Water Setting & According To Fabric Instructions

As stated by the Centre For Disease Control, washing clothes on the warmest setting helps to disinfect clothes. New clothing items have been handled by multiple people and could be contaminated by many different bacteria strains. Washing clothes according to the basic precautionary outlines will help minimise the risk of your child coming in contact with harmful germs.

Which Laundry Products Are Best To Use?

The best laundry product to use is one that offers adequate germ protection and leaves your clothes smelling fresh and clean. Sunlight laundry products come in a variety of 2 in 1 fragrances and are great because they contain fabric fragrance. The Sunlight laundry range cleans and effectively disinfects newly purchased clothes while keeping the fabric soft and smelling of lavender, tropical and spring sensation fragrances.

Use Bleach Safe For Use On Fabrics

Oxygen bleach is safe to use on most fabrics. Wash your child’s newly purchased clothing items with a bleach that is safe to use on fabrics. Be sure to check the clothing label for fabric care instructions. The use of bleach is a proven method of disinfecting clothing items and aids in protecting your little one from virus causing germs.

Washing your children’s new clothes has always been more of a do than a don’t. In light of a worldwide pandemic, the washing of newly purchased clothing items has become even more important in combating the spread of virus-causing bacteria. Sunlight cares about the future of our nation and we encourage good laundry habits in the fight against the Novel Coronavirus.

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