#SunlightSavesWater Challenge


South Africa is still experiencing a water crisis. Water is our most precious resource. Let’s help South Africa save water by doing something we do every day: our washing. Sunlight 2in1 with SmartFoam saves up to half the rinsing water, so you can save water just by washing your clothes!

Be part of the #SunlightSavesWater Challenge by dialling the unique code in a Sunlight 2in1 pack.

Help South Africa save water – and let’s make life brighter.

World Water Day 2017

Every year we celebrate World Water Day – a day to create awareness around the importance of fresh water. And every year, World Water Day highlights a different topic around water sustainability. This year the theme is “Wastewater”. Wastewater is previously used water that can be recycled for other purposes. Every day there are many ways you can use wastewater, for example: you can use your washing rinsing water to water your garden.

For more info on World Water Day go to http://www.un.org/en/events/waterday/

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#SunlightSavesWater: Bongumusa Primary Jojo Tank Installation Sunlight

#SunlightSavesWater: 2.6 Million Litres Saved

#SunlightSavesWater: Missionvale Care Centre JoJo tank installations

JoJo Tanks donated to Bongumusa Primary School, KZN

Tembisa Sunlight Village 2016

Queenstown Sunlight Village 2016

Sunlight Saves Water 2016 Campaign

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