Make washing dishes fun with these tips

Make washing dishes fun with these tips

Watch a movie

This is a good way to keep you entertained while washing dishes. You might not get the dishes washed as quickly but at least you won’t be bored while doing it. Choose your favourite movie or series, bring your laptop or cellphone to the kitchen and play your chosen show.

Listen to the radio

If you’re someone who likes to be up-to-date with the latest news or trends then why not listen to your favourite radio station while washing the dishes? It’s a good way to multi-task- getting chores done while keeping yourself informed about local and international discussions.

Listen to audiobooks

As much as many of us enjoy reading, not everyone has the time to read a paperback book – thanks to audiobooks you can (listen) to your book while you’re busy doing something else. Wash the dishes while listening to your favourite book through your earphones or on speaker , see it as killing two birds with one stone. Audiobooks are fun even when you’re not washing dishes. They improve your vocabulary because as you read along you listen as well, this is how you learn to correctly pronounce words.

Play your favourite jams

What better way to put yourself in a good mood than to listen to a feel-good playlist? Music has a way to distract us from the world and allow us to connect more with our emotions. Hip Hop and Pop music are good choices to listen to so that your energy levels are kept up. But you can listen to anything your heart fancies, really.

Don’t do it alone

Washing dishes alone can feel like a lot of work especially after cooking a big meal. But if you have someone helping you then you’ll be finished quicker and you can make jokes and share stories of the day!

With these awesome tips, washing dishes won’t seem that boring anymore. Don’t forget to use Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid to keep your dishes bright and sparkling clean.