Laundry mistakes you shouldn’t be making in 2019

Laundry mistakes you shouldn’t be making in 2019

Not reading the label

Clothing care labels are there for a reason – they teach you how to best care for that specific fabric. If the label says, “do not tumble dry” and you do, your item of clothing may be damaged. It may not be instantly visible, but over time, you might notice a deterioration in the fabric.


Using hot water

The amount of time and energy it takes for your washing machine to heat the water as it pours into your machine will no doubt bring a shock to your electricity bill! So, firstly try to save electricity by sticking to a cold wash. Also, fabrics like denim and cotton can shrink when washed on a hot water setting, so avoid a hot water wash if at all possible.

Many people are under the misconception that hot water cleans more effectively. But, the truth is that detergents such as Sunlight washing powder are specifically created to activate in cold water to best clean your clothing and keep it smelling fresh.


Not washing inside-out

Try to wash your clothes – especially dark denims – inside-out. And also hang it out to dry this way as well. This will prevent the colour from fading.


Losing socks

The mystery continues and socks DO go missing. It can get so bad that parents have to tell their kids that it’s “colourful sock day” and that way they can pair their socks with a clashing colour. Pink and red? But we may just have the solution to your sock woes. Place the socks in a pillow slip in the washing machine first, and then add the rest of the load. This way you’ll know exactly where to find them.


Not zipping up!

Believe it or not, if the zip on a garment isn’t zipped, it can cause scratches on your front loader’s door. Also, if other fabrics stick to it during the washing cycle, it could damage or even tear those items. Make sure you zip your denims and dresses all the way up to the top to avoid this from happening.

So, now you can do your washing even better this year by avoiding these simple laundry mistakes.