Sunlight Article-How-to-extend-the-life-of-your-dishwasher

How to extend the life of your dishwasher

As you can imagine, the machine that keeps our kitchenware clean sometimes needs a little helping cleaning too! Using your dishwasher correctly and making sure it’s 100% hygienic won’t only keep your dinnerware sparkling, it’ll also extend the life of your dishwasher. Follow these easy Sunlight tips to keep your dishwasher in a dandy condition.

  • Before loading dirty items into the dishwasher, either scrape or rinse the items.
  • Don’t fill your dishwasher with too many items. Rather do two loads to ensure everything is cleaned properly.
  • Before turning on the dishwasher, run the hot water tap in the kitchen. This ensures that your dishwasher uses hot water throughout the cycle.
  • Choose the correct cycle. It’s tempting to choose a shorter cycle to save time, but this means your super dirty dishes won’t come out clean.
  • Always clean the dishwasher trap. Here you’ll need to clean out bits of food that didn’t make it down the drain.
  • Clean your dishwasher seals. Just like a washing machine, your dishwasher also collects dirt in the door seals. Make sure you tackle this grit with a wet towel every once in a while.
  • Clean your dishwasher with vinegar. Just add a cup of water to the bottom of your empty dishwasher and run it for a regular cycle. The vinegar will clean out any old food particles and will ensure that your dishes come out smelling fresh in the future.
  • Give it a service! Every couple of years it’s worth getting an expert in to do a general check-up on the health of your machine. If your machine is still under warrantee, this service might even be free. Check with your manufacturer.
  • Regularly check the spinning arms and make sure that the water ducts are free of debris. Use a toothpick to get rid of gunk.
  • Never use bleach to clean your dishwasher if it has a stainless steel interior.
  • Never mix vinegar and bleach when cleaning your dishwasher.
  • Always use a detergent that is dishwasher safe.

With these simple Sunlight steps, your dishwasher will keep running for years to come. For a list of dishwasher safe products, click here.