Lady smiling in kitchen

A Quick Guide to Saving Electricity in the House

As the coronavirus lurks within the regions of South Africa, the ‘work-from-home-culture’ has increased, to the joy of many. Staying indoors comes with a few perks but also creates some setbacks – like increased energy consumption in the home. Washing clothes, bathing and cleaning our dishes are common domestic duties that consume a lot of energy. Below, we list savvier ways to keep your home clean while conserving as much energy as you can:

Kickin’ It Old School

Washing the dishes manually is often seen as an older way to achieve cleaner and sparkly kitchenware and is usually pushed aside for a dishwasher. Dishwashers do the job quicker and more effectively but also use heaps of energy. In a time where we’re implored to save electricity when we can, setting aside a few minutes to wash the dishes by hand seems like the best option. If you’re in a bind to remove greasy stains from your kitchen items try our lemon-powered dishwashing liquids that cut through grease and stubborn residues.

And It Don’t Stop

We’re referencing the old times again to those who seek energy-saving laundry advice. Hand washing your clothes adds an extra touch of care to your fabrics and the stubborn stains it may have. Washing machines work well when done in reasonable loads, but if you only have a few clothes to clean, try our 2 in 1 Spring Sensations Washing Powder that removes tough stains and leaves a sweet floral smell. Now that’s a washing powder that packs a punch.

Energy conservation in the household does not come easy for first timers who are trying to change their extensive habits. It requires foregoing a few of the things we enjoy but gives an even more rewarding tradeoff by contributing to the country in a desperate time of need.