About Sunlight

About Sunlight

South Africans are said to have the warmest welcome in the entire world! And there’s no warmer welcome than inviting friends and family into a home that you’re proud of.

Our range of products has been specially designed to complement the proud home owner who wants the best results from their cleaning and caring products, with the least amount of effort.

To achieve this, Sunlight has evolved with the times and introduced ground-breaking products over the last 120 years. From Germiguard Bars that kill 99% of germs to laundry bars that perform just as well in the kitchen as they do in the laundry. And innovation isn’t the only thing we invest in!



Sunlight Projects



Sunlight Safe House

Sunlight Safe House

Started by Childline Gauteng in 1997 and funded by Sunlight since 1999, the Childline Gauteng Sunlight Safe House is a sanctuary for abused, abandoned, severely neglected and orphaned children. Already responsible for the care of 6 000 traumatised youths, the project is giving unprotected children a real place to call home – a luxury that many of them have never enjoyed before.

The project began with 20 local parents, all trained to provide healing and a temporary home environment, until a more permanent arrangement could be made. And, after 18 years of hard work and dedication, the Safe House is one of SA’s most trusted agencies.

Currently, 128 children are cared for by the Safe House and every year R650 000 is donated by Sunlight to keep the community home open. It is a truly iconic part of the greater South African community and a beautiful project that Sunlight is deeply proud to nurture.




30,000 plates

30,000 Plates

To prove that every bottle of Sunlight liquid can clean over 30 000 plates, we set ourselves a challenge: send a mobile kitchen to Polokwane, Port Elizabeth and feed 30 000 people and wash every single plate, with just one bottle of Sunlight.

Using pamphlets and digital media, we invited people from the local community to join us in this exciting adventure, and when they arrived we welcomed them with a vibrant red carpet. As the doors opened our guests were greeted by a friendly Sunlight smile and loads of delicious, warm food. A DJ kept the mood upbeat and happy, and the hall quickly became full as thousands of people poured through the doors to see Sunlight in action, and of course, have a great meal.

Then, to top it all off, we completed both of our goals; feeding 30 000 people and cleaning their plates with just one bottle of Sunlight liquid! The event was a massive success for both Sunlight and the local Polokwane community that we will never forget.


Share the Happy

Share the Happy

During the height of Pharrell Williams’ 2014 Happy hype, Sunlight decided to give everyone in South Africa a reason to be happy too. By partnering up with one of the country’s most beloved NGO’s and Mxit, we gave the nation an exceptional way to share their happiness with each other online, and those in need at the SA Ubuntu Foundation.

We created a uniquely South African version of our own Happy music video – a huge part of the craze – that included Sunlight’s iconic Spud Man and asked all who viewed it to share, share, share! Every share was captured, recorded and converted into a R10 donation to the SA Ubuntu Foundation on behalf of Sunlight and South Africa.

To date, the video has over 1.2 million views, and every share is helping us to build a brighter future for generations to come.

Whether you’re looking for tips on how to ensure clean dishes, advice on how to best use your laundry detergent or tips on how to get your little ones to enjoy bath time with their favourite soap bars, be sure to check out Sunlight’s tips and advice.